Getting up to speed...

Aug 15, 2008 at 10:23 PM
Hello Alpha,

I purchased Call Butler when it was first introduced. I spoke with Jim Heising and Mike Tomsick when I bought it. I knew it had great potential. 

Unfortunately I was never able to get it to work quite right so I gave up.  However I am still looking for a PBX solution so I decided to revisit the website and see if there were any improvements or capabilities that would allow the software to work on my machine.  Obviously I learned that the software has gone to an Open Source platform.  So sorry to hear you had difficulties.

Another reason I visited website was to see if there were any updates to the version I purchased. The version I downloaded on my initial purchase is and was created by Works Out Software. The date of the downloaded file is 11/06. It is clear that there have been many improvements and new versions.

I downloaded the latest version from Code Plex. However, I now have a Micorsoft Vista based computer.  Before I install Call Butler, can you tell me if it is compatible with Vista? In addition, because the new version is so much more current that the one I have, is there a current guide or set of instructions for the new version?

I really hope I can make it work this time.

Thanks in advance,


Aug 16, 2008 at 3:28 AM
Hi Jeff

Yes to my knowledge the current build of Call Butler will run ok on vista. I will find  a help menu from the current build and post it for you hope this helps.