CallButler on Windows Home Server

Aug 20, 2008 at 7:16 PM
Personally I'd like to see CallButler integrated with Windows Home Server (based on WS2003).  The enthusiast community behind WHS is pretty compelling...and should find a nice niche for CallButler.  Now, CallButler already works on WHS asis (based on my limited testing) but ideally I'd like the see the following...

- Integration with WHS Console (addin).  The beauty of CallButler's UI is that I think it doesn't really need to be reworked much if at all to fit WHS console design guidelines.  CallButler UI scales very nicely to the default WHS console dimension.

- A major area that need to be address is outbound calling rules.  Callbutler needs to support additional lines for outbound calling.  For example, I have one VOIP provider I use for international calls and another for domestic.  I should be able to say 10 digit dial plan (US) routes to on VOIP provider and anything else to the other.  This is just an example, not doubt you all have other needs/configurations out there.

- Outbound caller id for VOIP provider that support it.  I use VoicePulse for outbound domestic calling...I like them because they support outbound caller id (not all VOIP providers do).  I'm using for legitimate purposes, so that the number the caller sees is actually our main number assigned by our inbound VOIP provider.  Why am I doing all this...because I only get DID numbers from VOIP providers who don't have a clause in their terms & conditions that say I'm not allowed to take those DID#s with me if I decide to cancel service with them.  I'm not going to be held hostage.

- Finally, bugs fixes.  I'm seeing to many posts regarding DTMF issues.

It was sad to see the management team decide to close the doors because I really think they had an opportunity to find a market inline with Windows Home Server.  The combination is the perfect microbusiness (less 5 employee) solution.  3CX is okay, but still overpriced for this market segment.  Microsoft Response Point I think is a great product but its probably more suited for 10+ employees.  And besides, neither of those two alternatives provide backup solution for small business.  Just sayin.