Ahhhh! What happened?!?

Sep 4, 2008 at 9:42 PM
We are a reletively new user of Call Butler and were impressed with it's features from day one.  Had some trouble with the initial setup with our VOIP provider but that was mainly due to my ignorance with SIP related issues and our ISP.  After a steep learning curve, Very Very steep and pouring over all things SIP I now have call butler reliably handling our calls.

I don't know what happened to the company, but I gather it went under.  It's a pitty as I believe that it's one hell of a product and have it ear marked for some of my customers as well.  As it's open source it will be interesting to see what directions it takes.

Mike, Alpha, glad to see you are still assisting where possible (That says a lot about your commitment to your product) and I hope all goes well for you in future.  I sincereley hope the product forms a strong user community that takes it to new levels, but remains true to it's core (Sort of like the Linux of PBX I guess).


Sean Soares
Easy Access Consulting Ltd.