Cellular Dynamic Extension for CallButler

Sep 11, 2008 at 8:59 PM


I have been using CB for some time. Other than a few minor issues I would say it is an application with huge capabilities. Now being open source it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. Great job guys. Now for my idea and beta testing… this does work just has a few minor configurations to work.

I use an ATT PDA cell phone with built in WiFi. Obviously being a true techno-weenie, I have WiFi coverage through my house and even up to 100’ away. Wish I could say the same for cell service. There are literally two areas where you can stand and receive enough signal to make a call.

Here is what I have done. Loaded the phone with a freeware WiFi enabled PDB VOIP Soft Phone. Set it up as a CB extension. Set registration for every 60 seconds. Of course, the phone is also is set up in the follow me within CB.


When I get home as soon as my cell locks onto to the WiFi signal the loaded soft phone is initialized. Conversely, when I am away from the WiFi Signal the phone deregisters. It also runs a script based on the loss of WiFi signal.


Here is how it all work, common scenario. I drive home, receive cell calls no problem. Drive into my garage and the cell’s soft phone detects the WiFi and registers as extension 102. It also runs a script to forward all cell calls to my primary VOIP home number. The dial string includes all the necessary pauses etc..  So it gives CB time to answer and then dial the cells soft phone connection. This essentially provides cell service where there was none before.

I have been playing with caller ID, want the Cell’s Soft Phone to display the caller ID data but also indicate it is a cell forwarded call.


When I leave the house the Soft Phone, losses the WiFi signal and once again becomes just a cell phone. CB will ring it using the find me. I have been able to pass along the Caller ID in that mode.

In short, it was a solution where CB enabled me to continue to receive cell calls with no signal in the area. I am tossing this out there because I am interested in anyone’s idea on the possible use of this functionality, if you have tried it before, and looking for any free PDA Soft Phones (usually Java based) that might be available to try out. The one I have was the first I was able to easily install the software.


Thanks to all,