Mitel 5330 and Callbutler

Sep 15, 2008 at 4:52 PM
Hi There,
Is the Mitel 5330 IP phone compatible with callbutler?  Also there were video's in the old user forums showing how to setup several phones with call butler, can we get those posted again please?


Sep 15, 2008 at 6:01 PM
This phone should work with CallButler.  The general instructions for setting up any IP phone with CallButler are:

In CallButler
  • Go to the extension where you want to set up the phone
  • In the Find Me tab, make sure you add an option "Call my IP phone"
  • In the Security Settings tab, add an IP phone password
In the IP phone:
  • Where ever you see user name or authentication name, enter the CallButler extension (e.g., 100)
  • Where ever you see password, enter the password you set up in CallButler in the Extension > Security Settings tab
  • Where ever you see port (e.g., proxy port, registrar port), enter 5060 unless you changed this in CallButler
  • Where ever you see server (e.g., proxy server, registrar server), enter the IP address of the machine running CallButler
If you go to the PBX tab in CallButler, this extension should now show as green/online.

If you have instructions for setting up a particular IP phone with CallButler, please add them to the discussions to help the CallButler community