no sound on caller end *FIX* at least it worked for me

Oct 26, 2008 at 1:58 PM
ok i had the same problem as well and here is the fix
i dont know why this works but it does
first call butler has a glitch when u using text to speech whether it is microsoft sam or purhcased voices  some times they work and sometimes they dont the point is, that the use of the text to speech is not reliable enough to use.
So your first fix is to replace every place that you used text to speech with your real voice.  The reason you are getting no sound on the other end is due to the fact that call butler is answering the phone but it is not playing the voice and walla the caller doesnt hear anything because nothing is being played.
Second    naturally when u try to record your voice in place of the text voices you attempt to use the recorder inside of call butler DONT do this because the recorder inside of call butler is a little buggy sometimes it records perfectly and you know this due to the fact that when u hit play back after recording it plays back. but sometimes as in alot, it say unreconized format or it just wont playback at all. so here is the fix record use the recorder inside of windows go to start menu go to accesories and choose recorder and remember save it as a 8 bit 16mono wave file which you will see as an option when you try to save and u will see the format its trying to save as and you will see the option to change it.  After you do this go back in to call butler and it gives you the option in places where you are using recorded voices or messages to chose a recording you have saved some where. so choose that option and point it to where  you have the file saved  
this fixed my problem and i have had no more problems with the caller hearing no sound