Callbutler Professional for Skype Key NEEDED ASAP!

Oct 30, 2008 at 5:53 AM
Hello, I am trying to use Callbutler with Skype and I have had no luck getting it to work with the latest version of Callbutler, however I have a copy of Callbutler Profesional for skype version 5.11.0 that I was able to get working in literally 2 minutes. I REALLY NEED  to get a key for the profesional version! Also, the version of callbutler Pro I have only lets me have 5 extensions, is there a way to raise this limit, will this go away when I put a key in?

Oct 30, 2008 at 6:49 PM
So here's the deal with CallButler for Skype.  Because Skype uses a proprietary protocol and refuses to open or modify their API, we needed to develop some work arounds and other creative solutions.  For example:
  • You cannot tie a specific Skype account to CallButler like you would a SIP provider.  This means that if someone logged in with a different Skype name on the machine running CallButler, CallButler would pick up those calls.  If the Skype account became unregistered, no calls would get answered.
  • You cannot have more than one version of  Skype running on a single machine (I know you can with XP and that there are some work arounds).  This has a number of implications including organizations with operations in different area codes and the ability to handle multiple calls (see more below).
  • Skype does not support multiple audio streams.  This makes doing things like music on hold far more difficult.
  • As we looked to add cool new features, we were regularly constrained by "well, it won't work with Skype."
  • Most damning for the business owner is that fact that Skype does not support concurrent calls (i.e. more than one call at a time).  This is frankly a non-starter for most businesses.  We looked at having multiple Skype accounts registered and basically rolling calls over to the next account but, as noted above, Skype doesn't like multiple accounts registered on the same machine.  We actually worked with Skype's product management team who thought CallButler was the best PBX on the market - their message, "These things are probably not going to change so lets move on." 

As a result of the concurrent call issue, we created the 5 extension limit.  Despite noting the limitation everywhere we possibly could, people would still try to force too many calls (read: too many users/extension) through CallButler and then be upset when calls weren't getting answered by their PBX.  If you see the type of product feedback typically found on Skype's website, you can probably sympathize with what we went through.  By limiting extensions, the hope was that it would limit the users who routinely received concurrent calls.

Putting all this together, the CallButler for Skype product became increasingly difficult to justify.  Significant work arounds that bifurcated the code base while still limiting functionality, frequent Skype call quality issues, high support costs (particularly after Skype released new versions), limitations on telephone number availability/ability to get toll-free numbers/ability to port (move) your number plus the one-call limitation. Almost every company who moved from the CallButler for Skype to CallButler for SIP were delighted with their decision.  My favorite quote was, "With Skype I was constantly worried that I was losing customer calls.  That fear immediately went away when I moved to voice over IP (SIP)."

Welcome the communities thoughts and ideas.

Oct 30, 2008 at 7:40 PM
Thank you Mikey for your very responsive, and honest reply, I now understand why Call Butler is in the stage it is in now. This makes sense now that you said skype was "proprietary" in its protocol, I am just curious how the people that released Pretty May Call Center did it, they managed to get it working with multiple instances of skype by launching another thread of skype with a username of "pmccline2, pmccline3 ect..." automatcially. They're are still in business somehow and they were able to add more complex features also! (they just have high prices for their product, but its probabally because it was very hard to get it to work.) Despite the limitations of Callbutler for skype, I still would like to get a license for it, I am in need of this because I would like to use Callbutler for skype in my house (I am also a computer nerd, so you know I like to be mr.High-tech too! I vunderstand that this version is obiously, not supported anymore and I will just use it they way it works and be happy the way it is!

Nov 1, 2008 at 10:17 PM
Could someone please give me a key for Callbutler professional, or at least tell me no?

Thanks again!