Setting up analog gateways?

Dec 11, 2008 at 10:11 PM
I understand it's possible to setup analog gateways to work with CallButler.  However there does not seem to be any documentation regarding how to do this.

One thing I read mentioned having to setup the gateway as a voice provider.  But I am a little unclear as to what is needed and where.

We have a Linksys SPA3102, and within it is the PSTN Line tab where you can specify the following:

SIP Port:  5061
Proxy: ? (assume this would be the address of CallButler machine?)
Register:  Yes or No
Make Call Without Reg:  Yes or No
Register Expires:  3600
Ans Call Without Reg:  Yes or NO

Display Name:
User ID:
Use Auth ID:  Yes or No
Auth ID:

In CallButler to setup a Voice Provider you need:

General Settings:
Provider Name:
Display Name (Caller ID)
Telephone Number or Username:
Check: Enable This Provider

Authorization Username
Authorization Password

Network Settings:
Provider Domain/Realm
SIP Proxy Server
SIP Registrar Server
Check Enable SIP Registration
Re-register every 30 Seconds


The point of this gateway is to allow the SIP phone that is connected to CallButler presently and is able to recieve calls only from Teliax provider which handles a inbound toll free number for us, with the gateway we want to be able to start making outbound calls over the PSTN line that we connect to the gateway.

The gateway is on the network and has an IP address.  But not sure how to get it registered with CallButler to start with.  Once registered then need to figure out how to send outbound calls to the gateway.

Does anyone have any insight into getting this thing to register.

I have tried putting the IP address of CallButler in the Proxy portion of the PSTN Line config.  I put the gateways IP address in the CallButler Provider/Realm, SIP Proxy, SIP Registrar Server config.

Set the auth username and pass the same on both the device and in CallButler.

When I test the connection in CallButler it fails with:  Test Connection to Voice Provider Failed, Reason 501 Not Implemented

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.