Problems Setting up Extensions Correctly

Dec 31, 2008 at 11:48 AM
I've got some major issues with setting up extensions to work correctly. Here's my set-up:

a. I'm using CallButler version 1.9.12. The installed version is "AS IS" downloaded from CodePlex
b. The CallButler computer runs Windows Vista with sp1, AMD Dual Core Processor.
c. I've created 2 extensions - 100 and 101.
d. I've got 2 IP phones - CounterPath X-Lite version 3 and Linksys SPA962. Each phone is connected to an extension and X-Lite runs a different computer.
e. Outgoing calls from both phones to PSTN numbers (mobile & landlines) work perfectly fine.
f. Port 5060 is enabled on the CallButler computer and both IP phones are marked as successfully registered with CallButler
g. All computers run within the same network and subnet.


a. Incoming calls from one of the IP phones to the other never rings at the receiving end; instead it goes straight to voicemail prompt. When voicemails are left, these are easily picked up and listened to using the IP phones.
b. Incoming calls from PSTN numbers go through the call flow but never get transferred to the selected extensions, rather the calls get transferred to voicemails once an option is selected from the "Main Menu Greeting".

In summary, calls are not getting transferred to the IP phones at the extensions; any ideas on what could be wrong and how to resolve them will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


Dec 31, 2008 at 5:44 PM
If you edit those extensions, go to the Find Me tab: do you have "Call my IP phone" selected?