Call butler will not install on Vista

Mar 13, 2009 at 4:00 AM
Tried every which way to install call butler in vista and gets as far as the "start" services and it cannot get access, even though it is being installed with full admin priv.. It gives an error code in the events .. Tried cleaning it completely out , deleted all the clasids etc and the program files deleted all the regestry entries and still won't get past the start services section of the install.. Anyone got a solution,,  saw a spot on someone with windows 2000 server ,, but no one has responded and of course any kind of response form th esoftware manufacturer is not coming , as like most companies opened after 1995 they like ignore over customer service.. Good thing I have not paid for this crap,   same as IMS they insist it is free but after 2 weeks they want 200 bucks so stuff em...   Plus i think we should all stick to landlines as it seems no one can build correct software for all this voip crap and frankly I think my call plan on the landline is cheaper than this voip crap, which works it seems about 25% of the time