Static Noise Upon Hang Up

Jun 12, 2009 at 10:30 PM


For testing purposes I have CallButler setup to run a very simple script to speak text (using a Cepstral voice), then hang up.  I am using Windows XP and CallCentral as the VoIP provider.  Upon hang up, the caller will sometimes hear a loud static noise.  It is intemittent, and may take 10+ calls before occurring, then may occur 5+ times in a row.  The duration of the noise sometimes varies.  If I insert a delay in the script before the hang up action, then the noise will delay that same time.  I have read previous posts where this was occuring for some CallButler users during the call (during hold music, etc.), and that there was a release to hopefully address this (I am running the latest release).  I have also tried the various suggestions that pertained to the noise mid-call, but nothing has seemed to help the issue of the noise upon hang up.  I am wondering if there is some issue with how CallButler is disconnecting the call, versus how the VoIP provider is expecting it.  Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.