How to say number using wav or mp3?

Jul 20, 2009 at 8:04 AM

My script asks for a 6 digits number, then check it with a DB and if "wrong" the caller should hear "The number 123456 is not correct, please insert it again". The point is that I 'd need to say the number entered using the pre-recorded wav/mp3. 

I have two wav: the first (called ncoode1.wav) says "The number", the second (called nocode2.wav) "is not correct, pleaseinsert it again." then I have the 10 wavs for the numbers (0.wav, 1.wav, 2.wav etc). 

Reading the docs and examples, it looks like Play doesn't accept a variable so I wonder how I could programatically generate a script that:

Play nocode1.wav
Play 1.wav
Play 2.wav
Play 3.wav
Play 4.wav 
Play 5,wav
Play 6.wav
Play nocode2.wav

123456 is obviously just an example.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks a lot! 

Jul 29, 2009 at 1:37 PM

I managed to do this calling an external plugin that set 6 variables with the 6 url of the wav/mp3 then from the script I used:

Play #vn1#
Play #vn2#