How to have CallButler Service to reload Extensions.xml

Aug 2, 2009 at 3:53 PM

I need the CallButler service to reload Extensions.xml. This can be easily accomplished by stopping and (re)starting the service but this doesn't work for me as I cannot face downtime. Does anyone knows an alternative way to force the service reload the xml?

It is possible as this happens when you modify the Extension from the Management and press ok.  I've been looking into the sources for days now without much success...

I tried different approaches:
- modifying the OnStart/OnStop/OnPause
- issue WOSI.CallButler.Data.DataProviders.Local.CallButlerXmlDataProvider y = new WOSI.CallButler.Data.DataProviders.Local.CallButlerXmlDataProvider(); y.LoadDataset(); when start the service witha  param from command line
- call Add/EditNewExtension() from command line version of the manager 

but none worked. Any help would be really appreaciated!


P.S. All this to find a workaround to this other problem: ! If I specify more than one extrenal number in an Extension busy signal is handled correctly, so the idea is to transfer to an extension than then transfer to external numbers.