488: Not acceptable here

Nov 21, 2009 at 5:25 PM

Hi All,

I've been using call butler happily since before it went open source.  About a week ago we upgraded our antivirus software (Trend Micro WFBS) and since then Callbutler has not been working.  I've uninstalled the trend micro completely, however callbutler refuses to accept calls or place them.  I have attempted the latest upgrade as well as many other attempted fixes, all to no avail.  The eventvwr is capturing

(Line 2) Call failed

488 - Not Acceptable Here

Does anyone have any suggestions?  We also swapped out our firewall with one of the new sonic walls, however it was running happily with that for several days.

Nov 26, 2009 at 2:44 PM

Ok I think I'm closer, but it looks like its a problem with callbutler.  I see the call coming in, however callbutler drops the call as soon CB attempts to answer it.  If I send it to a receptionist phone the same thing occurs, the phone rings, but as soon as you pick it up, CB drops the call.

I'm going to attempt to roll back to a previous release (Using 28137 at the moment) to see if that fixes things.

I notice in my firewall that it's sending out requests to our SIP provider however the destination port is 0, whereas it should be 5060.  Anyone seen this before? 

Nov 26, 2009 at 8:35 PM

Ok after a LOT of configuration changes, I finally got CB to work, here are my findings.

Build 2813 - Did not place outbound calls for me, Call display worked to the phones however

Buildprevious - Allowed for inbound and outbound calls, however did display call forwarding to the phones and had issues with receptionist transfering calls (See below)

Buildprevious - What we are on now, same as above. 

Is there anyway to get calldisplay working with builds prior to 2813? 

The issue I"m having is that we have a designated receptionist, if a call comes in it goes to her phone, she then transfers the call to one of our extensions. If we're in, no problem, if we aren't and tries to transfer to voicemail, she gets the message transfer not allowed and the caller is disconnected.  Is there a solution for this?